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Alabama has a lot to offer, but you can't resist museums when you're traveling, so try to make the most of a rainy day and end your vacation on the Gulf Coast by spending some time in these fascinating museums. Alabama is littered with museums where visitors can learn about the state's rich history and culture for free. The Alabama Museum of Natural History is housed in the Alabama State Museum, the largest museum in Alabama with more than 1,000 exhibits and galleries. A large number of GulfShores museums exhibit, explain and explain the history of Alabama and its people, culture, history and history in general.

After serving the public in various capacities, the city of the time decided to turn the building into a museum on the Gulf of Mexico. The building is on a property owned by the city of GulfShores and is one of the state's oldest museums.

Local artifacts and memorabilia related to the history of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast, Alabama and Gulf Coast. A public art program that posts sea turtles in the city, designed by local artists. The turtle trail statue in GulfShores and the turtle trail statue at the Alabama Museum of Natural History in Mobile.

The National Aviation Museum is open to the public for free and is one of the most visited museums in Florida. This aviation museum offers something for everyone, regardless of age, regardless of their interest in aviation. Gulf Shores Water Park is the largest theme park in Alabama, home to more than 1,000 acres of water parks and attractions. A rotating exhibition that changes frequently and shows objects related to island life and history.

For Gulf Shores residents, you have easy access to miles of sandy beaches at all times. Children love a day in the sand and salt water and you'll find that the 32 miles of GulfShores beaches are safe even for young waders. There are many options for staying on the Gulf Coast, from hotels and resorts to private homes and hotels with private beaches.

Gulf Shores has several beach accesses, including the Gulf of Mexico Beach, Gulf Coast Beach Park and Gulf Beach State Park. Gulf Shore features public parking, including GulfShores Mall, the Alabama Museum of Natural History and many other attractions. A small fee is charged for all - day parking - but you can charge a smaller fee for a one-hour parking permit at one of the public parking lots.

People can enjoy the Alabama Museum of Natural History and other interesting places located within the Gulf Coast city, such as the Gulf Coast Museum, Gulf Beach State Park and Gulf of Mexico Beach.

If you like the Gulf Coast of Alabama, check out the Alabama Museum of Natural History, Gulf Beach State Park and Gulf of Mexico Beach. If you're looking for some fun in Gulf Shores and on a small budget, here are 20 places to visit for free. Check out more things you can do and travel and how you can spend 2 days there and try it out. More fun Mobile Gulf Shores has a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, shops, hotels and more in Mobile, Alabama.

No matter what your group is interested in, there are many options that will not break the bank. So be sure to find something for yourself or for a rental in Gulf Shores.

Not to mention the original Oyster House, where the whole family can take a break and enjoy fresh seafood and a great cold drink. Gulf Shores has many beaches with free public access, so take a beach chair, a cooling and some toys and enjoy a great day 2 or 3 soaking up the sun. There are a number of great destinations to visit, including the Alabama Museum of Natural History, the Gulf of Mexico Museum and many others.

Visit Orange Beach and the Indian Ocean Museum and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Alabama Gulf Coast.

The Gulf Shores Museum also tells the history of the entire region and you can visit the real battleship USS Alabama. Historical sites and the city's museum offer an interesting insight into the Gulf Coast's past, with many exhibits showing the role of cities in the American Civil War. There are a number of great museums in this city, many of which are very interesting for children. American history, artifacts from the Revolutionary War to the present day, and even a museum with an interactive exhibition about the Gulf of Mexico.

Experience Alabama's natural diversity through exhibits at the Alabama Museum of Natural History and see the only known meteorite to have hit a human. Snowbirds and tourists alike enjoy the Gulf Shores Museum, the state's largest museum with more than 1,000 exhibits. Think of Bon Secours Children's Hospital, just a few blocks from the museum, which has a variety of exhibits to choose from, from children's books to science and history to exhibits on the history of the city.

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