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At the southernmost tip of Alabama lies one of the best kept secrets in the Gulf of Mexico: the Great Gulf Shores. This unspoilt strip of island, covering more than 2,500 square kilometres, offers breathtaking views of the waters of the Gulf and a rich history of fishing, hunting and tourism.

There are beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch down to the Gulf of Mexico, and the nearest beaches are just a few hundred meters away. Alabama beaches include fishing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, boating and other activities. If you only visit one historic site, choose Fort Morgan - it is one of the oldest and most important military bases in the United States and covers the history of the war from 1812 to World War II.

The Gulf Shores Parkway runs north from Foley, and Alabama State Route 59 serves as the main thoroughfare between the Gulf of Mexico and the city of Mobile in the west of the state. The Gulf Coast Parkways lead north to Foley and south to Mobile, east to Huntsville and west to Alabama City. The GulfShores Highway, Alabama's only major highway, serves the Gulf Coast of Alabama from the Alabama-Mississippi border to the north.

If you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the endangered Perdidio Key beach mouse or see a snowy plover nesting in the sand. Make sure to lie down on the beach at least once or twice a day for a few hours, and if you're lucky you can even spot one or two of these rare birds.

Step back in time into Alabama history by visiting the forts, exploring local nature reserves and enjoying a picnic on the beach. Visitors should also visit the Alabama State Museum in Mobile, Alabama's largest public museum, explore the mountains of northern Alabama, see the bayous of the Mobile River Delta, and check in at the National Wildlife Federation's Alabama Natural History Center in Montgomery.

Only for nature experience is a truly unique boat trip a naturalistic tour of the Gulf Shores National Wildlife Refuge. Get certified, explore the beauty of the country, see the stunning shipwrecks that surround the Gulf Coast, and get an idea of where to go and stay. You have access to a variety of golf courses, from classic golf to modern par-3 golf to the best golf course in the world, the Atlantic Ocean Golf Course, at GulfShores Golf Association.

You can download our free guide for more information about Gulf Shores, Alabama and the Gulf Coast in general. Just be prepared for one fantastic thing to do in the area this spring and beyond with a trip to GulfShores National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in the world.

Reserve your perfect beach house for a spring getaway to the Gulf Coast today and mark your calendar for events. Find and join us at GulfShores Beach Club as we begin the summer season and beyond with our annual summer festival, the Gulf Coast Summer Festival.

If there's a spring festival you don't want to miss, it's this event you should spend anywhere on Pleasure Island. From Gulf Shores to Orange Beach, you can book more than 17,000 rental apartments, many of which offer ocean views. From a beach house to a hotel, from GulfShores Beach Club to the beach and even a golf course, there is everything to offer.

Waterway Village is a unique area on the Gulf Coast that you and your family will love to explore during your next stay in the area. This festival is held on a beach in GulfShores and you can have a conversation and get locals to find out where you can spend your holiday at GulfShores. Held in November, this festival is also a festival of music, especially at a time when award-winning songwriters, rising stars and local artists have the opportunity to play music to thousands of people on the beach and Pleasure Island.

Gulf Shores beach, Orange Beach, is so powder white because it is made of tiny quartz crystals washed downstream from the Appalachians. This year's all-around attraction is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Alabama Gulf Coast. You will all find Eagle Cottages in a freshwater lake separated by gentle dunes from the Gulf of Mexico by ear waves, and you will also find them in the heart of GulfShores at the end of a sandy beach.

The weather on the Alabama Gulf Coast offers bright, sunny summers and warm winters, and the warm year - the year-round warm climate makes Gulf Shores one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

The Gulf Coast of Alabama, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer families, vacationers and business travelers a variety of beachfront accommodations. Southern hospitality and warm weather intermingle with some of the better-known tourist destinations in Alabama, such as Mobile and Mobile Beach. Although there are many beachfront accommodations, both Gulf Shore and Orange Beach are popular with families looking for a week-long vacation. A wide range of people - fun and enjoyable - in - the - sun activities await you on the beaches of GulfShores and Orange Beach.

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More About Gulf Shores